Sunday, April 3, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday -- Happy Birthday To You

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you... ~The Beatles~

And as the Beatles said, "You say it's your birthday; It's my birthday too -- yeah..."  I quietly celebrated my 58th birthday on March 26.  And if you want to read about it, you can go to my husband's Dwain's blog, which you should check out because his blog is excellent.  You can find what he said about my birthday here

Say Happy Birthday to Janell Bush! Today is her 65th.

Janell Bush and I took our very first chemotherapy session together (God help us!).  In fact, as we talked along, we discovered that our breast cancers were discovered nearly at the same time.  Although we used different doctors in different cities, our paths eventually crossed right there in Dr. Abdelaal's office one Thursday morning in early January, 2011.  Since that time, Janell has called me quite often and become a new friend -- even a Facebook friend, which is where I acquired her image for today's picture.  

Janell phoned me last night after she read my post about not having to take chemo anymore.  She asked me if my hair had started to grow back.  She said hers had not.  Except... she said, wouldn't you know that those persistent gray hairs would be the ones that would pop out firstDo you have any gray hair? she asked.  Sadly, yes.  Before.  I even used to purchase hair color.  But her daughter is a hairdresser, so I suppose she'll keep Janell looking spit-spot.

Anyway, Janell, these two picture are for you.  Dwain took them last night while I was on the phone with you while we were discussing the hair/no hair issue.  Forgive my appearance in that sleeveless t-shirt.  Actually you'll probably understand.  Just before Dwain took the picture, I had been wearing a long-sleeved hoodie, which came off when I had one of those without-warning-type hot flashes we post-menopausal women famously experience.  ~whew~  You'll see it draped over a chair in the background.

Talking to Janell -- hot flash! cap on.

Talking to Janell - hot flash! Cap off.  See?  I told you that I didn't have any hair. No gray.  No nothing.  And it's not shaved.  It's just non-existent. 

 And this next picture is for Janell, too.  And for anyone else who might be interested.  Let me explain.  When I was taking chemo my mouth would occasionally feel like it was burned, you know?  Like the kind of burn when you eat a too-hot pizza and the melted cheese sticks to the roof of your mouth and the tip of your tongue. That's the only way I know how to describe the sensation.  Except that the burn would creep down my throat and make my tonsils feel swollen.  Only the burn would not go away in a couple of days.  Food tasted bad and drinks could only be tepid or cold.  Anyway, when I described this problem to Nurse Priscilla at Dr. A's office she said, I can call you in something that will work like magic.  Magic Mouthwash. 

This RED bottle truly is Magic Mouthwash.  In fact, the pharmacy mixed up two bottles of the stuff  -- one red, one green.  The other square, squatty bottle is my aromatase inhibitor. 

Other Interesting Stuff

These are our good friends, Dr. Lynn and Margie Keener, who surprised us.  They took US out to eat yummy Mexican food Thursday evening in Ye Ole Hollister, Missouri (just a mile from Branson).  Margie you probably recognize from other posts I've written -- she saw me through those l-o-n-g chemo treatments; I must say, she saw me at my worst.  Said I nearly drove her crazy when I was going through my coughing stage.  (Me too, Margie. You deserve a crown).  And she sat with my husband Dwain  when I was in the hospital getting my port surgically installed.  Next time, it's OUR turn to treat you guys!  If these people are your friends, they are indeed  *there for you*  in every way possible.  And I almost forgot to say, both Lynn and Margie rejoiced with me when I got my good no more chemo news.  
This is the picture the Keeners took of Dwain and me from across the table at the same Mexican restaurant.   Look how good they made us look!
One more Happy Birthday picture to add to the mix.  This is my mother-in-law, on the far left.  Mattie Mae Lair, who turned 86 on April 1.  Don't laugh.  She's no fool, believe me.  Both of her maternal grandparents lived to be 100; died within 6 months of each other.  This woman still mows her own lawn and grows a vegetable garden, climbs on the roof of her garage to nail down anything that come loose, plays a ukulele in her daughter's popular ukulele band.  That's her daughter, Carolyn, sitting beside her.  Carolyn's husband has lung cancer, so be sure and keep him in your prayers.  He's suffering serious problems right now. 

That's about it for this random post.  I will say that so far, knock on wood, I have suffered no noticeable side effects from the Aramidex.  None.  I feel simply wonderful.

Today, April 3rd, is absolutely beautiful.  Finally! It's supposed to be nearly 80 degrees today.  Dwain and I are getting ready to grab our camera, and go look for early spring wild flowers. Everything in northwest Arkansas is either popping or getting ready to pop.   

Stay tuned...



  1. Hi Megan and Happy Happy Birthday - no more chemo - hair will grow back soon but you look great without it and you look great in a sleevless T - DAY!!!!! I have been absent from the internet for a while...FB and email included...too many hours of work but I popped in this morning to look you up only to find the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday and find out the good news. I'm so so so happy for you. Enjoy your day. It is cold and wintery here in Chicagoland. I'll think of you out there enjoying life and Mother Earth with your camera on this wonderful 80 degree day in Arkansas.

  2. Happy Birhday, Megan!!!!! And from the looks of it, it was a HAPPY ONE indeed! Oh the hair issue. Isn't it something????? I was hoping mine would come in curly, blond, and no gray. All I got was poker straight squirrel colored stuff. Nice 'N Easy back in the cabinet!!!!

    My main reason for wanted hair back was because my scalp was so tender. It always felt like I had shaved too close -- that razor burn feeling. I finished my chemo on Dec. 3, and I went for my first trim on April 10. Does that give you a timeline picture?

    Glad you are not having any side effects from the Arimidex. I had hot flashes, but those have now subsided.

    I'm so happy for you!!!!!! Doing a happy dance here!

  3. Happy belated birthday, and many/many more. I am so excited to read that you are done with chemo. I know you just about fainted right then and there. Happy happy day.

    I'd take hot flashes over nausea any day. The bone pain, on the other hand, is a different story. My Taxol gives me such bad bone pain I can barely walk for several days. Only one more treatment and I will be dancing the happy dance with you. We did it girl, can you believe it. Just think, by the end of summer we can break out our blow dryer, lol.